Monday, July 20, 2015

I *Told* You I'd Need That Someday!

Face it, it's gonna happen. You'll give away, recycle, sell, or toss an item and immediately need it.

Recently I gave away almost every plant pot I owned, especially the smaller ones, because it's futile to try to garden with a back yard overrun with groundhogs, rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks, and I'm not good at remembering to water a container garden.

Of course, I had forgotten that package of cilantro seeds — what did I say about memory? — that I had purchased because I didn't want to be throwing away nearly a whole bunch of store-bought cilantro every time I made guacamole.

Rather than buy more plant pots, I drilled holes in the bottom of used plastic cups I scavenged from a friend at a cookout.

After looking at the results, I thought maybe the clear plastic would focus the sun's rays on the poor roots and bake them, so I placed them in a paper coffee cup. When the cilantro is ready to transplant into the pots that I didn't give away, I'll simply rinse and recycle those temporary planters. Depending on the shape that the coffee cups are in, I'll either recycle or toss.

About a week later, Dear Hubby asked to borrow my spare insulated lunch container, the one he had urged me to get rid of since I had two others. Well, I had gotten rid of it, and the two I had left were the girly purple one I bought when my grey one leaked when carrying ice. He double-bagged the ice and used the grey one. It worked.

So, yeah, you'll give something away and then discover you need it. It's just the Universe messing with your head. The Universe is like that. You'll survive.

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