Friday, July 3, 2015

Does Decluttering Take a Holiday?

Does decluttering take a holiday? No, not if you're trying to establish a habit of keeping everything in its place, but we haven't gotten that far in this blog. At this point we're just trying to figure out why everything is so cluttered and how even little bits help.

So, if you're in the United States and planning something to celebrate the Independence Day (Fourth of July) holiday, yes, you can give yourself some time off.

But if you're not going away, or hosting guests for a cookout, this is a good weekend to declutter because you might actually have time for yourself. Is it hot out where you live? Don't try going through the stuff in the attic; look in your basement (if you have one) or back yard (if you have one).

Do you have a laptop and somewhere cool to go? Now would be a good time to sort through electronic clutter. (Can I coin the word e-clutter, or did someone beat me to it?) Going through photos is a good choice; it's like revisiting the places you've been. Just make sure you back them up to something first. It's easy to go a bit heavy with the Delete key or accidentally delete the wrong folder. Get rid of duplicates or terribly out-of-focus ones. You'll need the space later when you start photographing the things you are releasing from your possession.

And then, next Tuesday, when you're back online, read the upcoming blog post I'll release by writer Justine Graykin, who also has some insightful thoughts on who clutters and why.

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